Dulap profesional de scule cu 562 piese


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  • 13 Fully extendable drawers
  • Ball bearing sliding drawers
  • ABS top Spray can holder
  • Electrostatic powder coated paint
  • Internal locking system with fold-out key
  • 4 casters (2 fixed and 2 swivel with brake)
  • 1 drawer 120mm
  • 12 drawers 60mm
  • Dimension: H150 x L80 x W50cm

Drawer 1:

T5038  Pliers set 3pc

T5046  Pliers set 4pc

T5055  Cutting tools set 5pc

T5053  Hummer chisel set 5pc

Drawer 2:

T5111 Double open end wrench set 11pc

T5082 Flare nut wrench set 8pc

T5172 Crowfoot flare nut wrench set 17pc

T5331 Screwrepair tools set 33pc

Drawer 3:

T4413 Star set 41pc

T5122 Auto kit set 12pc

T4119 6pt. Flank impact deep socket set 11pc

T4193 6pt. Flank impact socket set 19pc

Drawer 4:

T5057 Multi-grip pliers set 4pc

T51811 Rivet pliers set 181pc

T50814 Mini pliers set 8pc

T5047 Pliers set 4pc

Drawer 5:

5048 Terminal & Stripper pliers set 4pc

54111 Tic tape pliers kits 411pc

Drawer 6:

2142 Screwdriver set 14pc

2137 Star screwdriver set 13pc

Drawer 7:

T2046 Ratchet handle set 4pc

T2742 Socket combination set 74pc

T5161 Combination wrench set 16pc

T5052 Combination wrench set 5pc

Drawer 8:

T30712 Ratchet handle set 7pc

T3311 Socket combination set 31pc

T3331 6pt. Flank & Star socket set 33pc

T3381 Star & spline set 38pc

Drawer 9:

T40612 Accessory set 6pc

T4248 6pt. Flank socket set 24pc

T4203 6pt. Flank socket set 20pc

T4322 1/2" Star & spline set 32pc

Drawer 10:

T5081 Offset ring wrench set 8pc (75° bowed)

T5044 Offset ring wrench set 4pc (75° bowed)

T5074 Hinged socket wrench set 7pc

T5033 Hinged socket wrench set 3pc

Drawer 11:

T5043A Snap ring pliers set 4pc

T5131 Chisel & punch set 13pc

T5096 Measuring tools set 9pc

T5056 File set 5pc


Article-No. : 1013R-562

Manufacturer : FORCE

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