Please read the terms and conditions stated bellow for the use of www.automotivetools.eu


By you/user we mean everyone who is using www.automotivetools.eu

By order we mean your chosen product/s, their delivery and payment.

The online shop www.automotivetools.eu is owned by “STENELI TOOLS” Ltd., registered number 116586765, called bellow seller/us.


GENERAL RULES FOR THE USE OF www.automotivetools.eu



1. These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between us in respect of the use of our website and supersede any end all prior agreements, agreements and representations. You should read them carefully before making a purchase.

2. In order to identify you, you should complete the registration process. You agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself where required in the registration form. Data and other information you provide is safely kept in our server.

3. The display of any products on our website is in no way an offer by us to sell to you. It is a demonstration of an online catalogue describing our products.

4. After submitting your order by completing the details required on the order summary   page and clicking the send order button you are legally obliged to buy the products that are in your trolley. We will confirm the acceptance of your order and send it to you.

5. We reserve the right not to proceed an order if the product is out of stock. We will contact you as soon as we have the product in stock. Where a bank transfer has been made to us we will refund it to you, or you can choose to replace the products.

6. The language is chosen by you and payments will be proceed in currency chosen by you incl VAT.


7.You bare the risk of any damage or lost product/s during delivery, We are not            

responsible   for delays caused by the courier.

8. Upon delivery, you must check the product/s and any damages must be reported immediately to us. www.automotivetools.eu will not be responsible for any products damaged during delivery. In case that in your order you requested for a specific time and date, www.automotivetools.eu is obliged to respond. You or a 3rd party must sign all the supporting documents upon receiving the product/s. A 3rd party is every one other than the recipient and is receiving the product/s. If you refuse to accept the product/s, except in the cases described bellow, you will be responsible for the cost for returning the product/s. Where the recipient can not be found in the specified period for delivery and do not act to provide us with access to the delivery address in this period  www.automotivetools.eu will no longer be responsible to deliver.

9. If the product/s received do not much the product/s you ordered, you have the right to apply for a replacement product within 24 hours of receiving.



 www.automotivetools.euwillissue warranty for a product/s only if there is a manufacturer warranty. The warranty lists all the details of the service centres, the conditions and warranty period for any services that it provides.



 The prices displayed on the website include packaging and transport to the courier’s office. Any deliveries outside Bulgaria will incur extra cost to you.



10. The buyer can browse through the list of product/s in our online store


11. The buyer can track its order.

12. The buyer is solely responsible for keeping its username and password safe, as well as all the activities done using it’s username and password. The buyer should inform the seller for any unauthorised access using buyer’s username and password.

13. The buyer is obliged to pay for its order according to the payment methods listed on www.automotivetools.eu.

14. Every user, when using the website is obliged to:

- To comply with Human Rights Act and Bulgarian Law;

- Not to affect anyone’s statuary rights;

- Not to take any racist actions against anyone;

- To comply with Bulgarian and International Legislation and Internet ethics when using  www.automotivetools.eu ;

- To inform us for any case of fraudulent activities discovered  when using the website ;

- Not to commence any illegal activities;

- To provide us with accurate and valid telephone number, delivery address, e-mail address;

- Not to distribute any software, files and programs containing viruses, or any material that can make any computer dysfunctional;

- To pay for its order and its delivery, when the order is not free and to give access to the courier to deliver the product/s;

- To compensate us and all 3rd parties for all the damages, including any legal expense, occurred after the buyer has been using certain  websites, materials and information.



 15. The seller does not have the responsibility to control the way the buyers are using our


16. The seller has the right but not the responsibility to save materials and information on


17. Where the buyer is in any breach in this terms and conditions, the seller has the right

      to change or terminate the services that are offered when using the website.

      The seller is not responsible for any damages occurred after changing or terminating

      the services offered when using www.automotivetools.eu.

      After payment has been received the seller is obliged to transfer the ownership of the   

      product/s  to the buyer, as well as to deliver the product/s on time and to check every

      product where that is possible.

18. The seller is not responsible for any damages to software, hardware and

      telecommunication equipments, occurred when this equipments has been used

      when using our website. The advice and consultation from our specialists for the use

      of our services does not indicate any responsibilities from the seller. The company is

      not responsible for any misleading or wrong information for the product/s provided

      to us by the  manufacturer.               

19. The seller has the right to store and use the information regarding the users regardless

      of whether they are registered. This information can not be used by the seller if the

      user send e-mail on  info@automotivetools.eu stating disagreement to the use of the

      information. The seller only use this information to improve its services and it’s used

      according to the Bulgarian Law.

20. The seller is not responsible for not implementing its responsibilities according to this

      terms, when there are conditions that can not be predicted.

21. The seller has the right to install “cookie” on the user’s computer. This is a text file

      that is being saved on the hard disc of the user and allows reconstruction of the 

      information of the user, visited web pages, used connections, used and saved             



PERSONAL DATA           

 22. The seller guarantee to all users to keep the information and personal data     

      confidential and not to use, or make it available to 3rd parties, except in the

      cases stated in the terms and conditions. The is responsible to protect the personal

      data of the user, unless the information is misleading. When acting according to the


      terms and conditions, the seller can use personal data only for the purposes stated in     

      the contract. Any other use of the personal data will be according to the Bulgarian

      legislation, International Acts and Internet Ethics.

23. The seller must keep all the personal data from 3rd parties ( government bodies,

      Corporation organisations, ect ), except in cases where there is written  confirmation

      from the user, or the information is needed from government bodies which lawfully

      has the right to request the information.



 24. The terms and conditions can be changed at any time by the seller. The seller has the

      right to change the services offered due to any changes in the current legislation. The

      seller should inform the user for any of the above changes, by publishing it on its

      website on a clearly visible place and give a reasonable time for the user to

      acknowledge them. If in this time the user do not reject the changes, it is accepted that

      the user is obliged to comply with them. If in this time the user do reject the changes,

      the seller has the right to discontinue any services to that user.


Any arguments between user and seller should be solved peacefully. Where this can not be achieved the arguments will be taken to the local court where the seller is registered according to the Bulgarian Legislation