Tool trolley Practical 325pc

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Force 10218R-325 Tool trolley Practical 325pc


Special content: Metric & SAE

  • 8 Fully extendable drawers
  • Ball bearing sliding drawers
  • ABS top Spray can holder
  • Electrostatic powder coated paint
  • Internal locking system with fold-out key
  • 4 casters (2 fixed and 2 swivel with brake)
  • 1 drawer 120mm
  • 7 drawers 60mm
  • Dimension: H103 x L80 x W50cm

Drawer 1:

2142  Screwdriver Slotted & Phillips set 14pc

T2086 Star screwdriver set 8pc

T2741 1/4" Socket combination set MM & SAE 65pc

Drawer 2:

T3322-15 3/8" Socket set (MM & SAE) 32pc

T40612 1/2" Accessory set 6pc

T4194 1/2" Socket set SAE 19pc

T4212 1/2" Socket set 21pc

Drawer 3:

T5181 Combination wrench set 18pc

T5134 Combination wrench set SAE 13pc

T5085 Offset wrinch set 8pc (45° bowed)

T5085S Offset ring wrench set SAE 8pc (45° bowed)

Drawer 4:

T4413 Star set 1/4"-3/8"-1/2" 41pc

T5082 Flare nut wrench set 8pc

T50710 Flare nut wrench set SAE 7pc

T5043A Snap ring pliers set 4pc

Drawer 5:

T5053 Hammer & chisel set 5pc

T5038 Combination Plier set 3pc

T5046 Combination Plier set 4pc

T5131 Chisel & punch set 13pc

Drawer 6:

5106B Hex ball point grip key set 10pc

2097S T handle Hex driver set SAE 9pc


Article-No. : 10218B-325

Manufacturer : FORCE